Resumes and

Cover Letters.


You have the skills, the education, the experience, but now it’s time to get that job—and writing just isn’t your thing.

During my time as a Vocational Support Specialist I wrote hundreds of cover letters for job seekers much like yourself—people with the skills and will to work, but who were intimidated or unsure of how to tackle the resume writing process. 

During that time I learned that crafting good resumes and cover letters is all about asking the right questions. You know yourself, your industry, and your experience. It’s my job to help pull that information out of you and organize it on the page.

Styled for the eye

Your hiring manager will see the formatting and styling of your resume before they read a single word. Bold colors, clear formatting, and beautiful typography send the message that you pay attention to detail and are willing to work hard for what you want. Put your best foot forward with a resume that says something about who you are, and how far you are willing to go to get the job done. 

Written for the bots

Humans and ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) alike read for keywords that identified with an open position. In the case of the hiring manager, a keyword rich resume lets them know you understand the position and are ready to speak directly to the needs of your potential employer. In the case of the ATS system, hitting on those relevant words is your only prayer of getting your resume in front of a human being at all. 

I comb job postings for relevant language and pepper it throughout your resume--making sure you get past the bots and giving you an edge in the hiring manager's hands. 


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