How I Work

If you’re like me, you like to have a clear idea of how a project will proceed before work begins. Below, you’ll find a basic outline for how I work with clients. If my standard procedures don’t work for you and your project, drop me a line. I’ll do my best to adjust my work systems to meet your needs.

Editing - Grants - Websites



Getting started

  1. After I receive your inquiry, I’ll get in touch with any questions I have about the project and to request a sample for review.

  2. You will send me either your entire manuscript (if under 1,000 words) or a 1,000 word sample from the middle of your document. I will complete a sample edit based on the scope of work you request—though if I encounter issues in the text that require more attention I may issue a recommendation to that effect.

  3. When your sample edit is complete, I will email you my completed sample for review, any recommendations, proposed deadlines, a quote for your project, and a copy of my freelance contract.

  4. If you accept my proposal, you will sign and return a copy of my freelance agreement, and put down a 30% deposit, if applicable.


  1. I will complete a first pass on your document, editing based on our stated scope of work. In some (rare) longer manuscripts I may find areas that want a different scope of work than originally agreed on. If this happens I will contact you to negotiate a different rate before completing additional work. I may also contact you intermittently with questions about how you would like specific issues handled.

  2. Once edits are completed, I’ll send the redlined manuscript to you for review. Please answer all queries (comments) and reject any redlined corrections you do not want made to your finished document. Please leave accepted changes for my final pass.

  3. Once you return the reviewed copy I will complete a second pass/cleanup edit. This will mostly consist of me adjusting the document to conform with your comments. If there are changes you have rejected that seem particularly important to correct, I may reach out to you regarding those items—but I save this for particularly significant errors.

  4. If required, I will send the manuscript back to you for a final review. When this is complete I will do a final cleanup round and send you a finished copy of your manuscript along with an invoice for your service, minus your 30% deposit.


Grant Writing

Getting started

  1. After I receive your inquiry, I’ll get in touch with any questions I have about the project and request a copy of the application, as well as any supporting materials you may have.

  2. I will complete a review of your materials to assess whether I can complete the work before the grant deadline, and whether or not I think your project/organization is a good fit for the funder. I will never accept a grant writing job that I do not think has a chance of being awarded.

  3. If desired, I will create a quote for your grant application, but please be aware that the grant writing process can be wildly difficult to assess from the outset—particularly for organizations I have not written for before. I find that paying by the hour for grant writing services usually works the best for all involved. You may set a desired cap to my hours if you desire.

  4. I will email you with your quote, if desired,and a copy of my freelance agreement, and an invoice for a $100 deposit for hourly projects, or 30% of your total quote. I will begin work once I receive your deposit and a signed copy of the agreement.


  1. I will begin work on your grant application. During the writing of the first draft especially, I will likely reach out to you to request supporting information, advise you of any areas of the application (such as budgets or internal documents) that you will need to prepare internally, and inform you of any trouble spots I encounter within the application or funder guidelines (such as funding exclusions that affect your proposed program). Please remember, I am only as good as the information you provide me. As an external grant writer, my ability to hunt down information about your organization is limited, and the success or failure of your application hinges on me receiving accurate information in a timely manner.

  2. When I have a first draft complete, I will send it to you for review. You will likely find comments within the text pointing out questions that arose, but that were not so critical that they needed answering during the original drafting. Please review the manuscript, respond to any queries, and inform me of any issues or problems you see with the draft. This is also a good opportunity for you to send me your project budget, as well as any other supplemental materials you would like to attach to the application, for me to review.

  3. I will complete requested changes to the application, edit any supplemental materials and return for a final review.

  4. Once I get the “all clear” I will drop the completed application into the funder’s portal, attach supplemental materials, submit, and send you an invoice for services rendered, minus your deposit.



Getting started

  1. After I receive your inquiry, I’ll send you a copy of my Squarespace Quick-Start Form.

  2. a. You will complete the Quick-Start Form, which will provide me with information about your project and the amount of design work that needs to be completed.


    b, We can set up a meeting, either in-person or via the web, to talk through the form. This is a good option for those who have very few design decisions made (such as fonts and colors) or who are particularly anxious about computers.

  3. I will create a quote for your project and send it to you, along with a copy of my freelance agreement (including proposed deadlines), and an invoice for a deposit (30% of your total quote.)

  4. I will begin work once I have received your deposit and a signed copy of the agreement.


  1. If you have not already initiated a website, I will initiate it for you from my account and add you as an administrator.

  2. You will accept the invitation, which will arrive in your inbox. This will require you to create a Squarespace account, if you do not already have one. (We can also complete this task at our initial meeting, if you choose.)

  3. I will build your website per the information you submitted via the Quick-Start form. During the build, I may contact you as issues arise (ex. all three domain name alternatives you selected are already taken). Please remember: my quality of work depends on timely and complete responses from you.

  4. Once complete, I will submit your website for you to review.

  5. You will review your website and note any changes you would like made.

  6. I will complete the required changes.

  7. Once your build is complete, you will enter your payment information, which will make your site go live. Or, if I am handling your billing, I will set your site to go live.


    We will schedule a wrap-up meeting. During this time, I can take you on a tour of your site and help you enter payment information.

  8. I will invoice you for services rendered, minus your deposit.

  9. Once I receive payment, I will transfer ownership of your site to you.

  10. After your site build is complete, I will be available for trouble shooting and support for three weeks after I send your invoice. Please note that I only complete support on projects who’s invoices are payed in full.