Grant Writing

Letter of Intent - GenPRIDE to the Norcliffe Foundation

GenPRIDE, a young organization serving Seattle-area LGBTQ seniors, needed assistance finding and approaching a funder to help them purchase a CRM database for their growing nonprofit. I researched opportunities, provided a list of potentials, and eventually drafted this letter of intent (LOI). Capital projects like this one, which are essential to nonprofit operations but don’t have the feel-good value of direct program support, can be tricky to write for, so I took a strengths-based approach that focused on positive change and linked back-end technology directly to community impact. The funder responded favorably to this LOI and invited GenPRIDE to submit an application.

Grant Application - Liberation UCC, New and Renewing Church Fund

Liberation UCC was a ten-year old, social justice oriented church that had run entirely on donations for the first decade of it’s existence. I furnished full-service grant writing for their application to the National Office of the United Church of Christ’s New and Renewing Church Fund and was able to secure $40,000 dollars in matching funds—a neat trick as they had only requested $35,000! Liberation went on to reapply for the next cycle and was again awarded $40,000, which was the maximum amount available through this funding opportunity.

My responsibilities for this project included finding the funding opportunity, conducting research, and drafting a proposal. With the exception of one section (noted in the manuscript) all writing is my own. 

Liberation UCC Impact Statement

When applying for a renewal of funds from the United Church of Christ, Liberation UCC was asked to provide a one-page impact statement relating the effect of last year’s funding. I designed the document and wrote all copy. After the grant was awarded the UCC National Office asked Liberation if this document could be used as an example for future applicants.

Grant Application - Bridge Ministries, CityGrant

I crafted Bridge Ministries entire application to King County's CityGrant portal—a single application funding program that allows King County nonprofits to apply for funds from a number of municipalities.