Grant Editing- FAST, Neighborhood Matching Fund

A short excerpt from a longer application to Seattle's Neighborhood Matching Fund, I edited material provided by the fund-seeking organization for clarity and also contributed original copy to the application (not shown). This application was successful in raising $31,000 for FAST's programs. In this sample, you'll find the original copy followed by my markup and a clean version of the excerpt. 

Editing Sample-Young Adult Fiction

This is an excerpt from the novel, Lutina and the Dragon by Brande Damiana. I was asked to perform a copyedit for mechanical and grammar issues as well as a substantive edit for issues of character development, continuity, and clarity. The GoogleDoc below contains the unedited copy, a version of the text with suggestions visible via Track Changes, and a clean version of the document. 

Queerspace Magazine - Totally Unofficial Guide to Emerald City Comic Con

When it came to me, this was a 4,000+ word document made up of spliced-together workshop descriptions each of which had been written by a different writer. These writers had brought their particular skill level to the task, while some entries were already in publishable shape, others needed significant help in the areas of grammar, mechanics, and general flow. I worked to eliminate errors, impose consistent formatting, and improve readability—all without robbing the descriptions of their personality.

Because the original descriptions were pulled (with permission) from the Emerald City Comic Con website, I am unable to post a before image of the document, but the link below will allow you to review the finished product.