Getting a good edit done on your document is like getting a good tune-up on your car—it makes everything run a little more smoothly. I provide several types of editing services, depending on the type of document and the kind of input desired. Not sure what you need? Drop me a line and we can figure it out together. 

Copyediting (AKA proofreading)

While you may be more familiar with the term proofreading, in the editing world the practice of looking over a document for errors in spelling, grammar, style, and word usage is called copyediting. I can help you weed out all those pesky problems in your text before they become a distraction to your readers—and an embarrassment to you.

Fact Checking

You've mailed out promotional materials for an upcoming event, with special attention payed to your keynote speaker who will be traveling all the way from Klangunfurt, Germany. There's just one problem. 

Klangunfurt is in Austria. 

There is nothing like factual errors to damage your credibility with your readers. A thorough fact check will make sure these errors are caught--before you go to print. 


Developmental Editing

Have you ever finished a document, sat back, squinted, and wondered if it made any sense? If so, you could probably use a developmental edit to help tighten up your structure, strengthen your argument, and help get your message gets across.

From fiction, to web copy, to blogs, and back again, I lend an objective eye (and a gentle hand) to your work, teasing out the best in it and smoothing anything that is getting in the way.

Line Editing

Your document is built sentence by sentence, like bricks in a wall. Faults at the line level can impact the clarity and readability of your document and influence whether your point ever gets across at all. 

Line editing works at this component level, tightening the constituent parts of your manuscript in order to enhance readability and clarify your meaning. 

Areas of work

  • Web copy
  • Blogs
  • Creative work
  • Grant proposals
  • Cover letters
  • Fundraising materials
  • Newsletters
  • And more

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