Business Writing

Moreland Insurance Blog

This is a sample blog post for the Moreland Insurance website. Moreland Insurance is a mid-sized brokerage with a focus on providing high-quality customer service. The company places an emphasis on ensuring their customers understand their policies, and all blog posts are written to demystify complex topics, as well as to generate SEO for the website. I have been the sole writer on the Moreland Blog, which can be seen in in its entirety here. 

NAMI Training Manual

NAMI San Fernando Valley required a training manual to help volunteers orient themselves to their new roles. The organizational tone is upbeat, and friendly--while being serious about the work they perform. 

MINE Webcopy

MINE is a small firm that provides diversity training in the greater Seattle Area. Their organizational tone strikes a balance between academic and warm. 

Moreland Insurance One-Sheets

These one-sheets were created to help Moreland agents educate clients on insurance-related topics.